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Presuming Slave (C)




George Frederick Handel


C, mm=100, 3'26'', Handel Aria, Oratorio, Bass Solo

George Frederick Handel, Samson, Presuming Slave

In this accompaniment, we have included an introductory motif of a quaver upbeat, a full bar and a further crotchet. This is exactly the same as the musical figure that follows Harapha's first statement "Presuming slave" All unaccompanied statements within the aria are assumed to be a tempo, though a real performance may well be considerably more fleixble.  We have, however allowed extra time for the three fermata bars prior to "Toward the th'unerring shaft". For guidance, we have added a three beat pulse to introduce this phrase.


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Presuming Slave (C)

Presuming Slave (C)

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