About us

mp3accompanist.com is the brainchild of pianists Crispin Woodhead and Gavin Meredith. They studied piano accompaniment at postgraduate level at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and have since then combined their interests in music, technology and education in the form of their main website, www.musicteachers.co.uk , which is one of the most popular music education sites on the web.

Given their extensive combined experience, it seemed like a natural step to record song accompaniments and make them commercially available through the internet. This is how the idea for mp3accompanist.com was born. Through this site you can purchase and download piano accompaniments for classical songs in mp3 format. These can then either be played on your computer, burned onto CD or transferred to an iPod or similar. Of course, nothing can beat the subtleties of a good live accompanist, but there are many situations where these tracks will prove invaluable – whether you are a student learning a new song, a professional preparing for forthcoming engagements or a teacher fed up with struggling at the piano whilst simultaneously trying to keep your ears on the student’s singing!

Many songs are available in more than one key, and some will offer a choice of two tempi. In the preparation of these we have consulted benchmark recordings of the songs and tried to choose fairly average tempi to cater for all tastes. We have tried to avoid excessive sentimentality in terms of the performances and have endeavoured to be as faithful as possible to the composer’s intentions.

We make important additions to our collection every week. If however you cannot not find what you are looking for, do let us know as we are very happy to prepare special requests and we also welcome feedback on any aspect of our recordings.

We hope that you enjoy using mp3accompanist.com!